Marco Negri

Born in 1983, he starts training in 2013. After 5 years on his own he decides to be followed in personal training. In 2018 he began his journey in natural body building, quickly obtaining prestigious national titles. Although diet is a fundamental part of bodybuilding preparation, he is not a slave to it (his recipes on IG for pancakes are also very successful!)

Instagram: Marco Negri

Claudia Benzoni

Born in 1996. Fitness model for Lacertosus, first brand in Europe dedicated to Cross & Functional Training. Contrary to what it may seem, Claudia does not kill herself in the gym and does not follow extreme dietary regimens.

Claudia is an excellent example of how an active life, smart workouts and a healthy and balanced diet (which icludes cheating days as well!!) combined with perseverance, over time, pay off. Her IG profile speaks for itself.

Instagram: Claudia

Diego Dominici

Diego, born in 1987, is an engineer with a passion for running. Over the years he has increased the distances reaching up to 40km per week but despite the very active lifestyle, his calorie intake was excessive and over time he has gained a few kg.

After introducing a more controlled and balanced diet, in 2 months thanks to his super active lifestyle, he lost 10 kg without any problem, accompanied by 40 cm less scattered between the waist, hips and thighs.


Franco La Rosa

Born in 1994. At the age of 26 he weighed 130kg for 1.90m in height.

Following an extreme diet that ruined him, he loses 30kg in 6 months eating only chicken. He ended up with a crazy sense of hunger with a 1000kcal/day diet, huge difficulties in eating carbohydrates, in need for a tummy tuck.

In March 2020 Franco starts his journey with MadeToBeMoved. In two months he returns to eating carbohydrates, his diet rises to 2200kcal (with a goal of 2700), he returns to weight training and running without gaining a kilo.


Le Sirene (The mermaids)

American football female team. The main team that swells the ranks of the Italian women’s national team and the only team to have won the Italian championship 4 years in a row. Working with them has been a great satisfaction and an enormous pleasure.

They are proof that females can be far more badass than males.

Low impact gymnastics groups

More or less thanks to these courses, I came into contact with about 200 different people, aged between 55 and 85 years, and totally different situations from each other (cases of hernias, protrusions, paresis, prostheses, fractures and some syndrome).

The concept of “personalized program”, thanks to them, has reached its maximum value.