Le Sirene Milano

Team of women’s American football, affiliated to Milan Seamen, historic city team. We were one of the first teams in Italy and our team is made up from girls of different ages, ethnic origin and occupation.

Winners for 4 consecutive years of the national title: in 2015, 2016 and 2017 with a THREE-PEAT that only a few of the Italian men’s Serie A teams managed, the fourth, in 2018, winning with a “perfect season”.

Many of the players are also part of the Italian Women’s National Football Team who played international matches against the Spanish and Polish representation, without neglecting other international matches with Austria, Switzerland and France.

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Sp 40 Fitness

Sp40 is born from passion for physical activity and training, it grows its roots deep in the soft ground of studying and knowledge and make itself strong of many years of experience on field.

Born to be a landmark in the field of fitness, sp40 is a strong community looking forward to be every time better than the day before.

Testing, adapting, studying and making the difference are only some of the main features of this community. Passion is the pumping engine.

Approximation is not a provided word in the science of sports and training.

360 degrees of professionalism with professionals of sport helping you to experience the meaning to be an athlete with a goal and a plan to reach it

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KALOS is a 360 sports company. KALOS in Greek means beauty, but with literary license, making a crasis between the various languages, it stands for Kinetic, Armonic, Labor, Omni, Sport. Our mission is and always will be to increase and self-knowledge in a profound way, in order to solve and prevent problems that lead to motor and / or psychological dysfunctions, improving both the performance of athletes and the lifestyle of any individual.

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